10 years later, one single strategy has always worked…

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Go where no one is doing business, people are just having fun. Don’t sell shit, don’t ask for anything. If they follow and listen to you, they’ll hear about your next thing…

I met my current co-founder on Twitter back when people were saying Twitter was silly. Actually, I’ve met so many great people on Twitter. Raised our Series A basically completely via group iMessage with the 2 partners. I keep up with VC friends on Snapchat. Messenger is where business happens with the Facebook team. Talk to CEO of Kik on Kik. TapStack was how I shared with the CEO Onno for our investment in them. Etc etc etc etc etc etc.

It’s all just people. Don’t go where everyone is trying to “do business” and “sell shit.” Just go where you can be helpful, and have some fun.

Stop arguing over platforms, go where people are having fun. Usually the platform people are saying is “dumb” at the time. And don’t do business.

Don’t worry, it’s the social internet. People follow shit they like. They’ll hear about your new thing if they listen to you, and the business may follow. Or not. Who cares, fun people are just fun to be around.

Today, your reputation is always one text away, don’t fuck it up.

Win. Together. And go be silly.

P.S. This is also the secret to the best sales people in the world. And what it means when people say relationships > sales. Play long, only way to win.

← “Sometimes it’s just easier to say it.” (aka new app release today!)
College got me into debt. Twitter got me out. →

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