ask. dinner in Seattle 2013

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It all started 4 years ago. It was a simple idea then and it’s a simple idea now. I set out to ask 1 question to a wide range of leaders all over the world.

the idea

In a short time, I’ve been lucky and humbled by this experiment. I’ve had the great opportunity and pleasure to ask questions and learn from the tech rock stars, NGO leaders, professional athletes and CEOs of Fortune 500s. Since then it’s become a way of life, not just some interview blog.

But, I always wanted to host a dinner for ask. I wanted to take it to the next level with the ask dinner. An evening of learning, debates, delicious food and diverse conversations.

There were going to be a few rules as well;

  • The entire evening was driven by questions and a moderator. Thanks Antonio Neves.
  • Everyone is equal and everyone has a voice. There are no “speakers” or “podiums.”
  • Check out and being present, personal. No cell phones or computers allowed during dinner. Must be turned off.
  • Required dress is black and white attire. A classy gathering.
  • You’ll receive an ask notebook to take notes, remember everything and have something that you can keep forever to remember the evening.
  • The 10 people were hand picked to guarantee an unforgettable experience. (I tried for more ladies but they wouldn’t come!!! Thanks Michelle Bee for being a trooper!)
  • You don’t need to do anything except show up. I will have a photographer come so we can capture the true essence of the night (check out the photos below).

the people

Moderator: Antonio Neves —

The 9 people:

  1. Michelle Broderick —
  2. T.A. McCann —
  3. Marc Nager —
  4. Josiah Johnson —
  5. Brian Nash —
  6. Peter Boctor —
  7. Shane Mac —
  8. Chase Jarvis —
  9. Nick Soman —
  10. Photos: Max Mcsimov —

I honestly can’t say thanks enough for the experience that I got from being in the room with these 10 people for just one dinner. Thank you.

Also, a very special thanks to Arjun Dev Arora, Chuck Longnecker, T.A. McCann, Adam Hofmann and Michelle Bee for pushing me to host the dinner. Also, thanks to Tim Ferriss for the inspiration to create a notebook all around indexing.

the photos

An experience from ask. To host your own ask. dinner, download the playbook here.

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