Discover and book the best hotels with just a text

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We are on a mission to bring the best local services to every messaging platform.

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Olset, the world’s leading personalization engine for booking hotels. They power some of the largest travel sites in the world and now we are using their technology to bring the best hotels to every messaging platform. 
The way it works is simple. We think endless choice sucks, especially in messaging. We set out to bring you the best hotels for tonight with just one step. Tell us where you are, discover the best three hotels instantly. It’s the fastest way to book a hotel anywhere in the world. (and it also works without data via text if traveling abroad)
We use the Olset personalization engine to bring you the top 3 hotels for your price range. We default to $200/night but you can change it to whatever is right for you.

Select any hotel to see more info and photos about the place. Pay using our secure payment platform. We always guarantee the best hotels for your budget. 
Discover, book and pay without leaving the chat. Goodbye endless choice, hello simpler travel.

Book your hotel today on SMS (text 23232),Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram. Simply text HTL to Assist. Travel on.

Learn more about Assist here.

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