How To Build Shitty Products

• 1 min read

People are hired to do work. Doing work can be seen as what you produce.

I’ve seen so many people, including myself, show off all the things that they’ve built. In the past, I’ve found myself thinking about how much work we did by how much was created.

It’s so easy to feel like more stuff means I did more work. I mean, that’s what we are paid to do and I have to prove that I’m doing my job.

The reality is that the best and most innovative products are the lesser, simpler products.

The easiest way to build shitty products is to do exactly what you are paid to do, more work.

The easiest way to build great products is to change the expectation that more output = more work.

I believe more editing = more work = less output.

My favorite sentence after someone shows me a new product or feature they’ve built is this;

There’s really not much to this feature.

Awesome, that’s the point.

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