Introducing StubHub + Assist: Your best 3 tickets

• 1 min read

We strive to make using services as simple as sending a text. A major piece of this is simplifying results to feel manageable and great inside messaging.

We call this the “Top 3.” It’s our best search result for messaging.

If Google thought the right amount of results was 10, we are experimenting with the idea that 3 is the best number for the messaging interface. We’d love your feedback.

We are excited to share that now you can find the best 3 tickets for any event in the United States using our StubHub integration.

Try it now, text TIX to Assist on SMS (23232), Facebook Messenger, Slack, or Telegram.

Onward. If you want to learn more about Assist and join the conversation, ask us a question over on Product Hunt.

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