Rebound. A lesson from my Grandpa.

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My grandpa always told me that basketball is won by rebounds. The stats show that people miss more shots than they make so whoever is there to rebound where the ball is going will win games.

Whether it’s your team or your competitors, knowing where to be after someone takes a shot is key. Even the best 3-point shooters in the NBA miss 60% of their attempts. That’s a lot of opportunities to turn a miss into a win.

Instead of trying to tell people what to do, try to know where they are trying to shoot. Then rebound. That’s how you get high fives and teammates who want to play with you. When you turn people’s misses into a win.

Whenever you are on a team, you don’t need to take all the shots to win, let your team do that. Just be there to put it back in for them. Look for the non obvious ways to make everyone else better.

Growing up, I always led in rebounds… and points. Turns out, most shots always bounce off the rim to the opposite side so I’d always run there. Thanks to Grandpa for the tip.

Dennis Rodman got it.

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