Why bots and why now?

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20 years ago businesses were told to get a website. 10 years ago a Facebook page. 5 years ago an app (but apps are too expensive). The next phase of the Internet will be bots.

Every business in the world will have a bot. It will allow any customer to talk to them in the simplest way possible, sending a message.

The reality is that most people spend all of their time in messaging. A website is there to give you information, contact, purchase, reserve, or book.

When you bring mobile commerce and APIs to messaging, all of this can be achieved by simply chatting with a bot.

The best part for businesses is that updating your β€œbot” will be as easy as sending a text. Websites are too hard, they rarely get updated, an easier and better way will emerge.

🍻 to bots and messaging. We believe this trend will be 100x bigger than apps ever were. Every person already understands messaging and the easiest + least friction way to interact usually wins on the Internet. 1994, browser. 1999, search. 2005, social. 2009, apps. 2016…. Bots and messaging. πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

It’s that big of a trend and the Internet is that much bigger than before.

Here we go.

Say hello, hi@assi.st. Use Assist here http://assi.st

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