Dreaming About the Machine

Dreaming About the Machine

Introducing Machine Yearning, our new podcast

In a world where no one is the expert and where everyone, even if they don’t want to let on, is scrambling to figure it out — why not come clean and get real?

That’s the point behind Machine Yearning, our new podcast. We’re launching Machine Yearning today with two episodes: Chris Messina and Kathryn Hume.


Machine Yearning is a place where we can gather together, talk, debate and dream about where we’re headed with AI, conversational commerce, our relationships with the machines and their impact on our language and culture.

We want the pod to be a place where you can hang with smart people who are guiding a fundamental reordering of how we interact with technology.

A few times a month we’ll drop the complete interview and some chapters that are extended excerpts. The chapters are designed for quick access to key ideas. We hope these’ll make it easier to share and advance the conversations you are having at work or with friends and colleagues. Let us know how the format is working for you.

Also — getting a wide range of voices and perspectives is our baseline. You probably know someone who could be a great guest. DM us @Assist with their name.

We have to create a permission space for not knowing. People barely know how this technology works and NO ONE knows where this is going. Machine Yearning is meant to be a gathering place where you can get reliable, well-considered ideas. It’s not journalism, but we did bring in some pretty good storytellers to help us get it in your feed. Mikel Ellcessor, one of the co-creators of Radiolab, and Paul Chuffo, a producer who has delivered over 100 long-form music documentaries, make Machine Yearning. Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad composed our theme.

You can find Machine Yearning in iTunes, Play, and Soundcloud. We’ll be rolling out to more platforms in the coming week. Please make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and, if you’re feeling it, a review helps more people discover the pod.

Reach out to hi@assi.st if you’re interested in anything messaging and voice automation, chatbots, AI or just have some ideas.

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