Google Assistant + Assist Platform

The Assist platform now supports the Google Assistant and their launch of transactions.

We are excited to launch some of the first commerce experiences on the Google Assistant and chart new territory on this new hybrid space that is both messaging and voice.

Just ask your Assistant on your phone for flowers.

Working alongside our great partner, 1-800-Flowers, you can now ask the Google Assistant “Ok Google, talk to 1-800-Flowers.”

This is the first step in enabling a future where you can speak to your phone and get what you want from any brand, service or information source.

Assist is excited to be a launch partner and bring more brands to the Google Assistant.

We are also excited for the future of the Google Assistant on Google Home as well. We launched Lonely Planet earlier this year and are rolling out the next version soon.

Assist is the chatbot platform for the enterprise. We power Sephora, Fandango, Hyatt, 1–800-Flowers and more on Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs and Amazon Alexa. If you are interested in automated solutions for messaging or voice, please send us a note: Learn more about Assist here:

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