Logos Fund LP Letter VI: 5 New Investments, a New Yorker Profile, a16z Leads Series-A Round In Our First-Ever Investment, Tiger Global Leads Another A Round, Our First Crypto Investment, and more...

Logos Fund LP Letter VI: 5 New Investments, a New Yorker Profile, a16z Leads Series-A Round In Our First-Ever Investment, Tiger Global Leads Another A Round, Our First Crypto Investment, and more...
Photo from the recent New Yorker piece about Logos Fund partner Chris Herd.

Hey friends,

You're receiving this email because you signed up on my personal website or LogosLabs.com. I'm excited to share our latest investments with you, I've removed sensitive information. To get all the information, simply become an LP in our fund. Here's our latest LP update to our investors. Feel free to share this email with others who are interested in investing or building startups.

Welcome to Q4 team. You could say “shits getting real.”

  • We made 5 investments in the last 8 weeks. Half of our investments to date have been marked up. We've already had one unicorn. We do believe we are picking great founders and companies + it's the right market but we must also acknowledge that the market is quite nuts right now in terms of valuations and preempts from the bigger firms. Regardless of why it's happening, it's happening and we are working with the best VC firms in the game.
  • The New Yorker just did a full profile on our Logos Labs partner Chris Herd about the future of remote work.
  • We are now investing about $1m a year. We think between $1-$2m is the sweet spot for a fund of this size which is also an operator fund. This allows us to stay focused on building our companies and taking advantage of the networks we get access to from doing that. We can allocate more money in the same amount of deals, we have great access, the returns and access on this size of fund are much better than investing $5-10m a year and having to fight for lead allocations. We are an ally to all parties and aligned with founders, bigger funds, and other operator funds. We plan to stay in this spot. We just want to meet more great founders.
  • We are getting more and more founders reaching out directly to us which means our brand is getting known and founders want us on their cap table.
  • We made our first crypto investment. This brings together our vision that the future of work and living is merging with the future of ownership and crypto.


  1. What’s on our mind
  2. New investments
  3. Updates, news, & trends
  4. We launched the Logos Fund Job Board

What’s on our mind

We set out on this vision a few years ago, started the fund a year ago, and we think we landed on the greatest shift to happen since the industrial revolution and we are prepared to capitalize on the next 2-3 years with our position and strategy in the market.

One thing I’ve learned in my life, especially in these decade shift moments, is to strike while the iron is hot. That’s what we intend to do. I’m 5x’ing my personal investment into the fund. We believe the next 2-3 years are the era that will create this decade's biggest companies. Join me if you’d like to join or increase your investment: https://angel.co/v/l/jw1pO

I’m so excited to see how we are doing while also knowing this is a 5-10 year game we are playing.

Mike Maples said it best about what is happening:

"We're at the beginning of a generational shift in how work gets done," says Mike Maples of Floodgate Fund. "Companies are shifting from office culture to cloud culture where people can work anywhere. Office culture is driven by meetings for managers. Cloud culture is driven by builders who express their thinking clearly and help teams move in a clear direction. The companies that win in the future will embrace cloud culture because the best people will not want to be constrained with yesterday's limitations."

Logos Fund Details

Who we are: Shane Mac & Chris Herd @ The Logos Fund. Check our all investments here: https://www.logoslabs.com/companies

What we do: The Logos Fund invests in founders building the future of remote work, living, & crypto. The fund is a rolling fund looking to write $50-$200k checks. Our goal is to write bigger checks into the same amount of companies going forward. Any LP can join our fund online or increase their commitment here. (Feel free to forward this email to potential LPs)

Portfolio and past investor letters: You can view all company details, past letters, and more here in our Coda CRM: [Redacted]

New Investments below...

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