The Logos Fund’s Future of Remote Tools Report 2021

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The Logos Fund’s Future of Remote Tools Report 2021

The Logos Fund invest in founders building startups defining remote work globally. We invest $50k-$100k in the earliest stages of your company. The rolling fund is managed by Shane Mac & Chris Herd. This report was researched and written by our intern Clarke Coles. If you’re interested in becoming an LP, you can join here: If you are a founder looking for a partner on your cap table, email us

Welcome to our 1st Annual Future of Remote Work Report.

Thanks to Lemonly for helping us design the report. We plan to keep this database updated so you’ll always have a place to find, sort, and understand what’s happening in this space.

150+ companies, pricing breakdowns, and noteworthy features

Instead of just a logo salad report, we wanted to make this list much more useful. We decided to focus on areas that don’t always get talked about and break them down for each company:

  • Noteworthy features
  • Pricing info & breakdown

Click here to check out the entire report + database of all companies:

If you have company or category suggestions, please send us an email here:

← Logos Fund LP Update Special Report: 🦄🦄🦄 Remote raises $150m from Accel and becomes The Logos Fund's first unicorn 🦄🦄🦄
Everything you need to look (and sound) like a badass sitting on Zoom at home →

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